Comparing the premiums of different insurance companies

Comparing the premiums of different insurance companies

There are many different kinds of insurance policies available. Each of them is having their own unique peculiarities which help their beneficiaries. It is required to go through all these benefits before selecting the right insurance plan from them. This will help in ensuring that we get the desired insurance plan which is matching all our healthcare requirements.

Many private insurance companies are involved with providing the Medicare facilities. This will help in ensuring that we can consult them to identify the Medicare Supplement Plan which best matches our requirement. It should also consider the coverage plan which we are selecting. By selecting them properly we can remain to rest assured that all our expenses will be easily covered by the Medicare Supplement Plans.

Comparison of the premiums of different insurance companies

One can’t directly compare all the premiums which are provided by the insurance companies as they all carry their own unique peculiarity. Based on their uniqueness they are provided with an alphabet which represents the kind of Medicare facility which it will be providing. Therefore, we can’t compare the plan A of one company with the plan B of another company.

For the comparison between two companies, one has to compare plan A of both. It will provide clear insight into the difference which they are providing in terms of the benefit of those Medicare Supplement Plan. Even it will help in selecting the right insurance company. This will ultimately result in improved benefits and reduced financial burden based on the best premium plan which we have selected. Medicare plans will also benefit to pay all the billings directly to the doctor based on the selected plan.

Even in some of the states, there is a provision for the selection of Medicare Select Policy. This policy provides you the benefit of changing the policy within a period of 12 months if you are not satisfied. People would love this policy as there are many chances where people feel dis-satisfied after getting a certain policy. If they select another policy then they can’t change over the policy that easily as this policy is providing.


Thus, we can say that it is required to compare the same plan of different companies to have a clear picture of the benefits which they provide. It will help in selecting the most appropriate policy based on our requirement. In case if you have selected Medicare Select then you also have the provision of changing your policy for a period of 12 months if unsatisfied with the policy.

Hospital Services Covered By Medicare

Hospitals offer in-patient as well as out-patient services via specialized equipment & staff. Hospital care consist of treatment which a person receives in the below facilities:


Critical-access hospital

In-patient rehabilitation service

Long-term hospital-care

Psychiatric care

Acute-care hospital

Qualifying research study


For in-patient care, the total number of days you may have to stay in a hospital might vary, depending upon the type of care essential & seriousness of the disease.


For longer hospital stays, it’s likely that you’ll be transferred to a hospital that provides long-term care. Hospitals offering long-term care to patients focus on treating people with serious disorders & might also offer specialized trauma, pain management as well as rehabilitative services.




Medicare covers inpatient stay in the hospital provided you fulfill the below requirements:


You must be enrolled in Part A of Original Medicare plan.

Your chosen Medicare doctor suggests at least 2 mid-nights of medically essential hospital care (in-patient) for your injury or disorder & you’re officially admitted in the hospital.

A hospital stay is essential for the treatment.

You choose a hospital which accepts patients with Medicare.

The Review Committee in the hospital approves your stay in the hospital.


Medicare benefits for hospital stays

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In case you require hospital services, note that your status in the hospital decides if you will be covered thru Part A Medicare or Part B Medicare along with the amount you’ll pay. Besides, it may also decide whether you will be covered for skilled nursing care or not. Also, remember that skilled nursing care is only approved by Medicare after the qualification period of your 3-day in-patient stay in the hospital is over. People admitted to the hospital as inpatients will be covered by Part A Medicare. On the other hand, those getting observation services, outpatient surgical procedures, or other services by the physician in the hospital will be covered under Part B Medicare. Also, be mindful that an overnight stay in the hospital doesn’t indicate you’ve inpatient status in case you are yet to be officially admitted in the hospital.


Part A Medicare:


People who are admitted in the hospital as inpatients can expect the following coverage under Medicare:



Shared or semi-private rooms

Medications prescribed during the treatment

Nursing services


Medicare Part B:


Medicare Part B covers medically essential outpatient services even in the event you get them in the hospital surrounding.


Services covered:


Doctor visits

Ambulance transport service

Medical equipment that is long lasting such as walkers

Preventive care

Lab exams

Second opinions on surgical treatments

X-rays along with other similar scans

Extra Help with Medicare Part D: Understanding the Qualifications

Extra Help with 2019 Medicare Part D: Understanding the Qualifications

If you are one of those taking prescription medications, you might be aware of the fact that even after having Part D prescription plan, there will still be some out of pocket costs which you will have to pay for. The costs of coinsurance, deductibles & copayments can rapidly skyrocket based on the kind of medications you take, how frequently you take them, and if they are generic or brand-name.

The Low-Income Subsidy or Extra Help Program under Medicare is aimed at individuals who require financial help while covering their Part D Medicare prescription plan. The coverage for prescription drugs is offered either through an exclusive Medicare Prescription Policy or through the Advantage Prescription Coverage(in case you’ve Part C Medicare). Both of these plans are offered via Medicare-authorized private insurance agencies.


In case you become eligible for the Extra Assistance program, the amount of assistance you will receive will depend on your financial as well as income resources. Also, depending upon your assets & income, you might get assistance with Part D Medicare deductibles & premiums.

What happens if you cannot qualify?


If, for some reason, you do not qualify for Extra Help, you will still be able to save some cash.


Below are various ways which can help you minimize costs for Part D Medicare prescription plan:


Opt for generic prescription drug coverage whenever it’s available (consult with your healthcare provider first).

Get info from your doctor about economical brand-name medications.

Match options of Part D Medicare coverage to locate plans with reasonable costs.

Utilize mail-order pharmacies that can help you save money if you order medications in bulk.

Know if your chosen pharmaceutical company provides any help to pay for medication cost.


Different Ways to Save Money Part D Medicare Costs:

Even in the event, you aren’t able to qualify for Extra Assistance Program, you can easily compare different plans and do your own research to save a good amount of money. Note that, the costs of Medicare Part D often change from one plan to other even if the prescription medications that are being covered are identical. Every Medicare policy which covers prescription medications normally places covered drugs into various ‘cost tiers,’ & the coinsurance and copayment costs which you’ll pay will depend on the type of tier your medications fall into. Normally, medicines on higher tiers are likely to have greater cost sharing sums. You can also consider Medicare Supplement Plans to cover costs of coinsurance, deductibles, and co-payments related to Part D Medicare prescription coverage.


AARP Medicare Supplement Plans – An Alternative Option to Medicare Advantage

AARP 2019 Medicare Supplement Plans – An Alternative Option to Medicare Advantage

 Are you searching the net for Medicare Supplement plans? Well, the best plan to go with will be Medicare supplement plan F, this option can be considered as a perfect alternative to advantage plan. It is worth to mention that your Medicare Advantage plan might change in the next years, like you may experience a hike in the premium and you may not get the option to renew in the following year. Do you want to stay away from such thoughts and experience the same benefits? This is where Medicare supplement plan comes into action. Nevertheless to mention this supplement plan is a viable alternative to any other plan. As compared to advantages this plan offers you to experience a handful of benefits with lower premium options.

Low Premiums

What if you enjoy more benefits by giving the low premiums? Well, when you take the initiative to fill the form of Medicare Supplement plans you will see that the Medicare supplements plans comes with a low premium and at the same time give more benefits to the clients. You can also increase your premium according to your wish to increase the value of your coverage, which is impossible in advance plan.

Why the Plan Is Necessary

It will not is an easy job to fetch a huge amount of money from your pocket when you are diagnosed with any diseases. Have you thought who will take care of your at that time? It is certainly Medicare supplement plan will be a better option than any. They will give you major benefits, from the expense of medicines to the cost of beds and other expenses.

So do not wait for the perfect time, just take the first step towards it and protect your family with Medicare supplement plan.

Take the Online Help

If you face problem choosing Medicare Supplement plans then you can seek the online help, there are several websites that offer a plan to purchase via online means. So if you are comfortable with online means then visit the website and purchase plan from there. Read the terms and conditions carefully before opting any plan.

All the Medicare supplement plan are good enough to give you to best service, but make sure to choose the premium in accordance with your needs. So what are you looking at? Just go to the website and make the first purchase of your Medicare Supplement plans to ensure better protection of you and your family.

Tips To Buy a Good Supplement Health Plan

Tips To Buy a Good 2020 Supplement Health Plan

Medicare Supplement plan is a government-funded healthcare insurance for citizens age 65 and up. This plan doesn’t cover 100% of your medical costs. Medicare supplement plans provide additional coverage to fill the gap between Medicare and the real medical expenses charged. The private insurance companies sell these Medigap policies. They cover expenses like deductibles, co-pays and co-insurances.

Tips for the Buyers

The Medicare supplement plan should be bought within the 6-month window after you turn 65. After which you should enroll for Medicare Part B. this is very important step. If you do not sign up, then you have missed the chance.

You should know during enrollment time, you cannot be denied a coverage or asked for high premiums by any insurers if you already have a health condition or any disability. But after the window period, you may have to pay more for premiums. You may also be denied purchasing the plan.

Major Factors to Find the Best Plan

  • Price Transparency:

Buying a Medicare supplement plan means construing number of expenses, charges, and premiums. You should set a budget. Find a company who has a set and transparent policies and costings for premiums. Look into your expenses and bank balance and then decide. You should not regret later.

  • Effectiveness:

You should study well about the different plans. Be a skeptical buyer. Though Medigap is heavily controlled, buying the same can be tricky and exhausting. There are several insurance companies who have made this as streamlined as possible. Always chose a company that furnishes your needs. Look for companies who are inclined towards face-to-face meeting, help over the phone, or online chat.

  • Coverage:

You should look for more coverage choices. More the coverage available, there are more chances of savings. There are 11 standard plans, you can pick and scrutinize what works best for you or your family. To read about the Plans, view them online and read the pros and cons of them. If you chose the appropriate plan, then it will be beneficial to you in the time.

Remember, there are several types of Medicare supplement plan available and some are good. Try and examine them with the above-mentioned principles and then decide what will suit you best. Any plans chosen will not have 100% benefits but if you study well and then choose them, you will not repent.

Advantages of Health Insurance Plans

It is imperative today to buy a medical or health plans. There has been a rise in medical crisis with growing modernization. The health hazards are more a norm nowadays. Health insurance plans like Medicare Supplement Insurance plans for 2020 found at  are an exception which has many benefits covered. Many insurance companies are trying to overcome the discredit of not having beneficial plans for emergency situations. There are many advantages of buying health plans.

Medicare Supplement Plans 2020

No Hassle, Purchase Online

Unlike the old days, buying health plans has become very easy and stress free. On a click of a button, you will have variety of plans to choose from. The process is hassle free as you will not have to meet the insurance agent or the company to buy the plan. You can also compare online and choose the most suitable one as per your requirement.

Types of Premiums Suits All

The health plans like Medicare Supplement Insurance plan has many types. Each category of plans has different types of premiums. Some of the plans whose coverage is more can be more than the basic plan. Sometimes the basic plans might be costly due to its geographic locations. The basic amenities provided would then be costly in remote places. Note, that all the health plans will be much costlier in the cities than the towns.

Different Types of Health Plans

More and more wide range of plans are made. These are mainly to cater all kinds of requirement. The plans are made keeping in mind the different strata of the society. The income of an individual or the family should be much more if the health plans has more benefits or coverage. High-coverage insurances will need a stable earning to pay the premiums each year. Similarly, for an individual there is an easy pay plan which ensures safety in time of emergency.

No caps on the extra costs

Many insurance plans previously incurred sub-limits. These are basically a cap on the doctor’s fees, room charges, OPD charges and so on. With time, many insurance plans like Medicare Supplement insurance plan have to let go the sub-limits and are paying for the copays, coinsurances.

Save your money and be happy

Having a health insurance gives you an upper hand. You can avail tax benefits by purchasing these plans and policies. When the emergency strikes, the money received will have no tax levied on it. You can enjoy the benefits that you have earned without any interruption.

Two important benefits of Medicare Advantage Plan A

In some cases, having an original Medicare Part A or B is simply not enough. One might need additional health care services that aren´t covered, yet cost a lot. If you have already looked at different advantage plans, you are affected by this and already know that you simply need additional health care insurance to lower you costs, while allowing you to get all the health services that you need.

Learn what the 2019 Medicare advantage plans cover?

The first plan of the 10 Medicare advantage plans available is plan A. It is not as expensive as the other ones, but therefore doesn´t cover all expenses, that for example, a plan F might cover. There are two important benefits, that advantage plan A does cover. If you think of them and acknowledge that it is exactly these two benefits you are most in need of, Medicare advantage plan A might be just the right amount of additional health care for you!

  1. Hospital care – with this first, main coverage point, you can be assured, that with getting the advantage plan A, you will be covered in case that you need to be admitted to the hospital. This is a crucial point, that attracts many to enroll to this advantage plan. No one can really know when problems with health may appear, as even the healthiest people out there can get sick all of a sudden. Similarly, accidents and sudden traumas can occur and although you might have never had the need to be admitted into hospital in your entire life, you can never know if you will need to and this is something that can change quickly. When admitted to the hospital, Medicare advantage plan A will cover the costs that you will require to get healthy again, such as meals in the hospital, nursing services, a semi-private room and other health services you might require while in the hospital. A private room won´t be covered, unless your doctor sees this to be important for your health. Also, should you need blood, the Medicare advantage plan A won´t cover it. In some cases, the hospital can get it from a blood bank, which is free of charge, or someone might be able to donate it to you. If not, you will need to pay for the first three units of blood. Should more than that be necessary, the advantage plan A will start covering for it.
  2. Home health services – requiring a home health service is to many patients crucial to the healing process. Home health services involves physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology services and part-time skilled nursing care. Patients who have had the need of using these services without being enrolled to a advantage plan, know that paying for the insurance instead of these treatments separately, saves a lot of money, while providing you with the peace of mind and knowledge that whenever you might need these services due to your bad health, you can get them without having to worry about the costs!


Limit your medical care costs with Medicare supplement plan K

Limit your medical care costs with 2019 Medicare supplement plan K


As Medicare original part A and B don´t cover all costs, private health insurance companies offer supplemental plans, which cover these costs that you would otherwise have to pay out of your own pocket. The premium rates for these plans vary on the type that you choose. Plans who cover more benefits tend to be more expensive and the ones covering less will also cost less. Which of these options is best really depends on the individual and their personal situation. While to some it´s important to have a supplement plan that covers everything, others find this to be necessary and would rather want a different type of security.

There are two available Medicare supplement plans, that have an out-of-pocket limit; plan L and supplement plan K. This means, that your costs for medical care in one year can only reach that firmly set limit. Everything you might require and that might cost above the limit you had already paid for the year, will be covered by these supplement plans. This is a great way of additional insurance for those who don´t really need to have full-coverage, but also want to avoid very high costs, for example in a case of an emergency surgery.

Medicare Supplement Plan K

In 2018, the Medicare supplement plan K limit was at 5,240$. There are benefits that are covered up to 50%, however after reaching this limit and depending on the case, the supplement plan K should cover the expenses to a 100% after having reached the limit. The benefits covered by supplement plan K are:

  • Costs for Medicare Part A deductible
  • Costs for Part A coinsurance or copayment, due to hospice care
  • Costs for skilled nursing facility care coinsurance
  • Costs for Medicare Part B copayment or coinsurance
  • Costs for first three pints of blood, necessary for a medical procedure (per year)

 supplement plans 2019

What Medicare Supplement Plan K doesn´t cover?

Bevor and after reaching the set limit, there are certain expenses that aren´t covered by Medicare supplement plan K at all. This is important to keep in mind, as should you be looking for a plan that covers exactly these expenses, plan K is not be the best option for you to lower your medical care expenses. The plan K doesn´t cover:

  • Medicare part B deductible
  • Medicare part B copayments
  • Prescription medication
  • Vision screenings
  • Hearing aids


Depending on the health insurance company, the cost for Medicare supplement plan K can vary. While health insurance companies don´t get to individually decide what benefits the plan covers, they are allowed to set their own prices for the plan. This can start at around 500$, with the highest premium for the Medicare supplement plan K laying at around 2000$. Also, prices may and can vary from individual to individual. Another thing to keep in mind is that this standardization is applied in 47 states only. Citizens of Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Minnesota have different standardizations. This Medicare supplement plan is also only available to those who are

Why the top-selling Medicare advantage Plan F is being discontinued

Why the top-selling Medicare advantage Plan F is being discontinued in 2019

So many years in a row, out of all ten available advantage plans, the advantage plan F has been the best-selling one. The majority of people choose to enroll to this plan, one of the main reasons being, that is covers pretty much everything! Once enrolled to this plan, all you will need to pay for is the premium cost of the plan monthly, along with the cost for the original Medicare Part A or B. This is a benefit that many value, because it gives you the freedom of getting the health care services you might need without having to worry about what it will cost. There are no hidden expenses and no surprises: you pay your insurance monthly and know that whatever comes your way medically, you are covered. So, why is it being discontinued?

In 2015, Congress discussed about passing a legislation, that will outlaw selling plans who cover the 183$ Medicare part B deductible after the 1st of January 2020 (or on this day). The reasoning behind it was, that because people enrolled to these plans don´t have to pay for anything additionally, they visit the doctor´s office even more often than necessary. The belief is, that if a small amount still needs to be paid, many will reconsider going to the doctor and the number of patients visiting only due to, for-example, flu-like symptoms will be greatly reduced. The benefit in this is for Medicare itself, if there will be less doctor´s visits (ones, that are considered to be unnecessary), the expenses will also decrease. There have been many opponents and many arguments against this. One of the main arguments being, that Medicare advantage plan F is also the most expensive one and people are paying for their right to get the health care they believe to be necessary, whenever they want to. Despite all the arguments that the opponents have presented, the legislation passed and will come to force in 2020. This new legislation will not only affect the advantage plan F, but the advantage plan C as well. As both these plans pay for the deductible Medicare part B, they will no longer be sold.

If you are already enrolled to plan F, you are probably thinking: what should I do now? Does this mean that I need to look for a new advantage plan? You can be at peace, as people who are already enrolled in the plan can continue using its benefits even after 2020. Many are nonetheless worried, that once the plan is discontinued, the premium rates will drastically increase, as there will be less new members paying for it, while the existing members will only get older and older. While you can still switch before this even happens, you can also wait and see whether this predicament really comes true. Some states allow for the members to switch policies without any underwriting for a window of thirty days after their birthday.

Medicare Supplement Plans: Avoiding the Pitfalls

Medicare Supplement Plans 2019: Avoiding the Pitfalls

Generally, your gender, age, your zip code & if you consume tobacco factor into the amount you’ll be paying for the Medicare Supplement plan. The fact is, a few individuals end up paying way more amount as compared to others to benefit from the same coverage. So, you don’t want to depend on the words of your insurance company. Rather, know how everything works so that you get the best price available for your coverage.


Supplemental insurance plans are divided into 10 unique packages starting from letter A through N. Meaning in order to change your benefits, you’ll need to pick a plan with a new letter.


The insurance agencies do charge their own prices for each of these plans. So, it’s important that you  get the quotations from a number of companies to elect the most ideal one. This is where online websites come in handy. They offer estimates on plans from a number of companies in addition to offering personal assistance for comparing each of these plans.

Medicare supplement plans have different prices depending on 3 unique models. So, even if you pick the lowest one, it might not benefit you as you expected since you’ll have less likelihood to swap the plans in case your health declines over time. When a person turns 65, he/she is guaranteed to get the regular rate without any exclusions or increase for current health problems through an open enrollment period. However, the most economical coverage when you reach the age of 65 might not offer the best price 10 years later.


The pricing structure that increases monthly premiums depending on the person’s age is called as Attained Age Rated. It might seem tempting at first since it actually does provide economical rates. However, it can be a big risk on your part since the premium tends to rise not only depending on the inflation rate but also because you grow older day by day.


Another pricing structure is mentioned as Issue Age Rated, however, it is not that common. In this, the pricing is dependent upon the person’s age when he/she applies for the plan and the premium don’t rise simply because the person gets older. Although the rates might rise as a result of inflation.


A 3rd pricing structure seems to be quite popular since it isn’t based on your age. Rates can remain unchanged for everybody in a designated location irrespective of their gender, age or even in case they eat tobacco. The premium may start out higher than the previous pricing models though.


It might not be easy to know which pricing structure is applied within your locality. Finding a broker who is ready to assist can definitely help.