Hospital Services Covered By Medicare

Hospitals offer in-patient as well as out-patient services via specialized equipment & staff. Hospital care consist of treatment which a person receives in the below facilities:


Critical-access hospital

In-patient rehabilitation service

Long-term hospital-care

Psychiatric care

Acute-care hospital

Qualifying research study


For in-patient care, the total number of days you may have to stay in a hospital might vary, depending upon the type of care essential & seriousness of the disease.


For longer hospital stays, it’s likely that you’ll be transferred to a hospital that provides long-term care. Hospitals offering long-term care to patients focus on treating people with serious disorders & might also offer specialized trauma, pain management as well as rehabilitative services.




Medicare covers inpatient stay in the hospital provided you fulfill the below requirements:


You must be enrolled in Part A of Original Medicare plan.

Your chosen Medicare doctor suggests at least 2 mid-nights of medically essential hospital care (in-patient) for your injury or disorder & you’re officially admitted in the hospital.

A hospital stay is essential for the treatment.

You choose a hospital which accepts patients with Medicare.

The Review Committee in the hospital approves your stay in the hospital.


Medicare benefits for hospital stays

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In case you require hospital services, note that your status in the hospital decides if you will be covered thru Part A Medicare or Part B Medicare along with the amount you’ll pay. Besides, it may also decide whether you will be covered for skilled nursing care or not. Also, remember that skilled nursing care is only approved by Medicare after the qualification period of your 3-day in-patient stay in the hospital is over. People admitted to the hospital as inpatients will be covered by Part A Medicare. On the other hand, those getting observation services, outpatient surgical procedures, or other services by the physician in the hospital will be covered under Part B Medicare. Also, be mindful that an overnight stay in the hospital doesn’t indicate you’ve inpatient status in case you are yet to be officially admitted in the hospital.


Part A Medicare:


People who are admitted in the hospital as inpatients can expect the following coverage under Medicare:



Shared or semi-private rooms

Medications prescribed during the treatment

Nursing services


Medicare Part B:


Medicare Part B covers medically essential outpatient services even in the event you get them in the hospital surrounding.


Services covered:


Doctor visits

Ambulance transport service

Medical equipment that is long lasting such as walkers

Preventive care

Lab exams

Second opinions on surgical treatments

X-rays along with other similar scans